Corporate Intelligence Services & Programs

New or Expanding Programs

A growing number of organizations are recognizing the need and potential value of in-house risk intelligence programs to provide decision-support insights and elevate brand protection efforts. Delivering on such potential requires more than adding a headcount with an alphabet-soup background. Our team has designed, implemented and grown highly-successful intelligence programs for global organizations such as General Motors and McDonald's, maintaining close and constant ties with functional leaders at some of the world's top brands. Tegumen will partner with your organization from the early stages of the risk and security intelligence program, and help you define expectations, obtain the proper resources, accelerate your growth and ROI, limit your exposure to common roadblocks, and ensure you achieve measurable value-add results and program success.

Existing and Mature Programs

Well-established Corporate Intelligence programs, on the other hand, are inevitably exposed to the cycles of successes and plateaus. Having led intelligence departments for multinational organizations, we are familiar with the challenges of leading innovation and continuous improvement from within, and securing resource funding. As your partner, Tegumen will lend a fresh perspective and the energy of the external SME to revisit and expand organizational goals, optimize work-streams and deliverables, and create new cross-functional engagement opportunities.

  • Program Design, Development and Growth
    • Framing and mapping intelligence requirements, priorities and operating principles
    • Resources requirements design & review
    • Sources, Methods & Tools review
    • Assessment and evaluation of programs' strengths and opportunities for functional performance growth
    • Intelligence analyst training & development (remote and onsite)
    • Program manager training & development
  • Talent Management: Embedded or Dedicated Resources
    • Access to a global resource pool of intelligence professionals of all experience levels, from junior associates to seasoned functional leaders
    • Resident or off-site deployment; full or part-time
    • Reduced on-boarding & off-boarding complexity
    • Proprietary screening, selection and competency evaluation to increase potential for fit and performance
    • Customized pre-deployment/embedding training (role transition, best practices, industry-specific sources/methods/tools, etc.)
    • Ongoing training and knowledge sharing across Tegumen resources and partners

More here on our methodology.