Executive Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

And Protective Operations Analysis

Based on nearly three decades of expertise and innovation in risk mitigation and executive protection fields, our assessments are aimed at corporate leaders, high net-worth individuals and at-risk personnel worldwide. Tegumen’s approach extends beyond the traditional domains of crime and violence, to reflect a broader and more relevant spectrum of risks – one that more accurately portrays the likely targeted and accidental victimization scenarios affecting today’s executives and the brands they represent.

A key innovation is the protective operations review – a cross-functional SWOT analysis of existing security efforts and resources (where present). This in-depth assessment - conducted in coordination with any internal and/or contracted personnel with protective security duties - generates clear and actionable strategies for increasing the value proposition of executive protection efforts, elevating and bridging competencies and resources, and reducing the exposure to identified threats and vulnerabilities.

“Most of today’s executive risks assessments are based on scenarios, protection objectives, and analytical approaches rooted in earlier models, when the industry first imported Secret Service protocols and procedures to the corporate world. We live in a radically different era in terms of threats against executives, personal and corporate brand risks, and our understanding of protective operations objectives, opportunities and value. Tegumen’s assessment is the first of its kind to be based on third-generation Executive Protection principles, encompassing a broad array of risks relevant to the current and evolving security environment.”

Tegumen’s approach fulfills the IRS requirements as an independent study set forth in Title 26, CFR, Treasury Regulation Section 1.132-5, related to executive security expenditures. The service supplements and complements existing enterprise practices, whether these leverage internal resources or third-party providers, by creating an independent and holistic foundation for managing executive risk and protective operations, and enhancing this functionality within the corporate risk mitigation portfolio.


The industry's most advanced executive risk & protective security analysis