Tegumen ERI Accelerator Program

An innovative consulting model designed to enhance our clients' Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) efforts and initiatives, fast-tracking and expanding functional maturity, ROI, and organizational impact. We establish medium to long-term partnerships with newly-formed or seasoned Corporate Intelligence programs, empowering them with industry-leading expertise, multi-disciplinary resources, and new tools, at a fraction of in-house costs yet with immediate value-add.

Tegumen offers a unique, hands-on experience in designing, managing, and optimizing ERI programs in both in-house and advisory roles for several Fortune 500 corporations. We also created the industry's sole functional maturity and growth model, that provides the basis for the engagement and the discovery phase, during which we develop and prioritize functional opportunity roadmaps. 

Each organization presents unique circumstances and cultural traits that frame the risk discourse and shape the road to success. The accelerator program focuses on recognizing these factors while introducing positive disruption to offset the legacy challenges experienced by in-house teams. Our input extends, but is not limited to:

  • Standing intelligence requirements and RFIs
  • Methods and tools across collection, processing, analysis, production and delivery stages
  • Team composition and competencies (ICT, GIS, structured analytical techniques, JDM, statistics & probability, data science, etc.)
  • Cross-functional integration and alignment (ERM, BCP, CMP, Safety & Security, Logistics & Supply Chain Integrity, etc.)
  • Internal and external liaisons
  • Risk definitions and measurement
  • ...and much more.

Some of the Accelerator Program Benefits:

  • Brings decades of functional development and management experience for some of the world's largest and most complex organizations, along with cutting-edge analytical methods and tools. 
  • Combines the advantages of the external, unbiased perspective and a vast resource pool, with the relevance, confidentiality, and familiarity of in-house solutions. 
  • Facilitates and expands benchmark opportunities, identification and adoption of best-practices, and knowledge transfer by leveraging Tegumen's network.
  • Eliminates or reduces the red-tape, complexity and risk of engaging ad-hoc intelligence resources for short-term or special projects. 
  • Is available at a fraction of the cost of an employee or contracted analyst, with well-defined and more competitive rates for added services and on-demand resources.

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